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We take it as our mission to create self-reliance in all facets of life. We believe that the opportunity to work and earn a living is one of the most effective ways people can rebuild their lives in dignity and peace. We work to promote self-reliance among those most in need in order to help them recover from the negative effects of displacement and siege. We strive to empower communities and to strengthen their capacity to achieve food security and economic independence.

Damaan Humanitarian Organization helps to achieve self-reliance by building skills and knowledge, as well as by providing access to resources, services and markets. We seek to ensure that as many besieged persons as possible are able to make a safe and sustainable living that meets their basic needs, contributes to their dignity and provides for the full enjoyment of human rights.

Our agriculture self-reliance programme is an example of our commitment, whereby local communities bring their skills, experience and qualification and we support them with land, seeds and financial grants enabling them to achieve economic independence and food security for their families and neighbors.

Our work in this area is guided by core international principles and supervised by the Syrian interim Government and Local Councils.