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Groundwater wells

A group of projects by Damaan Humanitarian Organization in response to the lack of clean water in the besieged Eastern Ghouta, where the water supplies has been cut or stopped due to destruction of infrastructure as a result of continuous bombardment on the residential areas.

The program is need-based and is being implemented in coordination with the Local Councils. The besieged Eastern-Ghouta, an agricultural and groundwater-rich area, is in dire need for water to accommodate for the needs of the residents and their crops.

Aims and objectives

Clean water supplies,Sustainable water supply to residents and farms,Reduction of financial costs for residents.


The program is being implemented with the cooperation of the Local Councils and the expertise of local engineers. The “Shallow Wells” type of infrastructure provided by Damaan is cost-effective and efficient.The idea is to drill through dirt and rock, casing is installed to keep the hole from collapsing. Then a concrete base is formed around the small casing (a few feet in diameter) and is left to set up overnight. Once the concrete pad is dry, the pump mechanism is carefully lowered into the hole and a hand pump is attached. The experts makes note of how much water flows and ensures it is safe to drink.Because these new wells are completely sealed, the water stays clean and can be consumed without any treatment.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Maintenance

The program is regulated and monitored by Damaan and the local councils including the medical local councils. Regular check-ups and maintenance rounds are in place to ensure that the water is safe to drink and for other use.