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Food & Nutrition Programme


Nearly 400,000 people remain trapped in East Ghouta which has been under siege since mid-2013. UNICEF estimates half are children. Extremely limited humanitarian access to the area in 2017 has caused the price of basic goods, including food, to soar. Livelihoods are seriously depleted, with continued displacement and insecurity exacerbating vulnerability. Inadequate access to safe water and basic hygiene items will likely result in prevalence of childhood diseases. The deterioration of the humanitarian situation in East Ghouta is jeopardizing the health status of boys, girls and mothers. Statement by UNICEF in October 2017.

In the face of a dire situation where food supplies have become scarce and financial resource have been depleted, the majority of Syrians have become more and more dependent on the assistance and food supplies provided by international and national NGOs, if available. In some parts of the country, thousands of people were denied food supplies and forced into starvation which lead to many children, women, elderly and men losing their lives.

In Damaan Humanitarian Organization, we take our share of responsibility and we provide food to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations through a variety of programs especially in the besieged Eastern-Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus, Syria. We further support and implement self-reliance such as agricultural programs.We, in line with the main goals of the world food programme response plan in Syria:

  1. Deliver food to the most affected and disadvantaged people in Syria especially children, and women

  2. Provide emergency food assistance

We value the dignity of our beneficiary and carry our work with the utmost respect to them.