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Water and sanitation, as absolute necessities for people, economy, prosperity and peace, are at the very core of life and sustainable development. After years of systematic targeting and destruction of water sources and infrastructure, a majority of Syrians have no regular water access especially those in the besieged areas, where water supplies have been cut and a partial and sometimes total destruction of infrastructure prevail.Because water is the core of life and essence of development in addition to its central role in the promotion of sustainable health condition for the concerned communities, we in Damaan Humanitarian Organization provide infrastructure adapted to people’s needs to facilitate access to clean potable water as well as for agriculture and sanitation. We aspire to empower people through our programs and support hygiene, self-reliance and to pave the way to development.

We, in Damaan Humanitarian Organization, and in collaboration with the local expertise as well as local councils and communal committees create and develop easy to maintain and water-access solution that meet the needs of the most deprived and disadvantaged populations.We do not only provide water but also make sure to protect the eco-system and only execute our projects under the supervision of professional individuals. We never abandon our beneficiaries after our projects and always stay with them to monitor and maintain our projects so we can make sure that people are happier, healthier and in a better position to build their life again.