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Although getting an education is a human right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is a right that millions of children are missing out especially in Syria’s besieged areas.

Children of Syria; especially those in the besieged areas, have missed on their right for Education for many reasons such as; but not limited to, displacement; damage to and destruction of schools and other infrastructure; teachers being displaced, arrested or killed; lack of funding for education projects; and lack of books and education materials. Those children out of school are at an increased danger of abuse, exploitation, and recruitment into various groups.

At Damaan Humanitarian Organization we believe that Education is a key to a better future for Syria and Syrians. We are ardent believers that with education comes peace and prosperity. Thus, we have placed supporting education high on our priority list and given it special focus and attention.

Our programs prioritize basic and secondary education / training, while we also strive to assist the institutions of higher education in the besieged areas. Damaan Humanitarian Organization has programs to rehabilitate schools, provide new classrooms, hygiene facilities, books and study materials. We also provide and equip schools and institutions with access to computers and online books and studies. A pioneer program is also in place to eliminate illiteracy in the besieged areas that target out-of-school girls and other disadvantaged girls and women.

Our approach

We see future world leaders, great thinkers and human beings, not victims.

We believe in Syria’s next generation. We do not see them as victims. We; and in compliance with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees, see children as partners with rights and further as future leaders and builders of Syria and the world. Therefor, and based on our view, we tailor and adjust our programs to establish partnerships with the children and those responsible for their education.

We are a part of the community and we stay when it’s most affected

Despite the danger of being in a besieged area and in a war zone, our team is always on the ground and we associate our fate with the fate of the local population. We stay as long as they stay and we provide our service as long as we have children and partners.

We focus on quality, not quantity

We strive to help as many girls and boys as possible but we make sure that this does not come at the cost of quality. We strive to tailor the best programs in cooperation with the local councils and education professionals.In Damaan Humanitarian Organization we do not count how many books we have given or how many schools we have renovated but rather on the impact they will make. We do not judge our success based on numbers, but rather on the impact they have now and in the future.

We do not give a fish only! We teach people how to catch one

Damaan Humanitarian Organization does not only support education programs, but also works with the local councils to build and renovate schools and other education infrastructure in the besieged areas so the benefit can last and prevail for years to come.We also find sustainable solutions for books and other learning materials such as printing and recycling.

Our only aim is the Children of Syria

Humanitarian and Development work in a war zone is a risky and dangerous business. Yet we believe that we should remain as long as the children and other beneficiaries remain. We strive to protect our work and to provide the best to the children and thus we maintain neutrality and impartiality as a protection measure for our partners, beneficiaries and staff. The trust and acceptance by the local community is what keeps our staff safe and lets us deliver our work.

We are apolitical, impartial organization.

We build partnership and share our success and responsibility with the targeted communities Our projects are all rooted in their local communities and they involve and employ local professionals and are coordinated through the local councils and the Syrian interim government. Our staff outside the affected areas are also in constant contact with representative of different local initiatives, representative and councils.We are there because we believe; not for fame; not for the money; only because we believe that our children are our future.

We respect our children as partner

Children of Syria and those of the besieged areas have seen horrific atrocities and have bravely survived them. We look at them as heroes and survivors and not as victims or a subject of pity. Thus, we in Damaan Humanitarian Organization never portray our children partners as helpless victims or people in need, but as well-respected human beings with rights.

Girls and Boys are equal and are the same for us

The projects of Damaan Humanitarian Organization are designed and tailored to be inclusive for all children in the besieged areas. We do not differentiate between girls and boys and we believe that all children are important for the future of Syria and that Education is a right for every child regardless of gender, sex, religious / ethnic background.