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Damaan Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center

A huge step towards improving the Health Care sector and a milestone in medical treatment in the besieged Eastern Ghouta area in the countryside of Damascus that has been manufactured in compliance with international standards by local Syrian expertise despite the imposed siege.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. It is used for a wide variety of treatments usually as a part of an overall medical care plan. It is a simple, non-invasive and painless treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the quality of life of the patient in many areas when standard medicine is not working.

Hyperbaric oxygen is used to treat all conditions which benefit from increased tissue oxygen availability, as well as infections where it can be used for its antibiotic properties, either as the primary therapy, or in conjunction with other drugs.

  1. Anemia, severe

  2. Brain abscess

  3. arterial gas embolism

  4. Burn

  1. Decompression sickness

  2. Carbon monoxide poisoning

  3. Crushing injury

  4. Deafness, sudden

  1. Gangrene

  2. Infection of skin or bone that causes tissue death

  3. Non-healing wounds, such as a diabetic foot ulcer

  4. Radiation injury

  1. Skin graft or skin flap at risk of tissue death

  2. Vision loss, sudden and painless


Damaan Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center provides its services to all people in Eastern Ghouta under the supervision of highly qualified specialists with years of experience in private and public medical facilities.The team; lead by an experienced and prominent Medical Manager, strives to provide the best and to keep up to date through continuous learning and development.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Maintenance

The program is regulated and monitored by Damaan and the Local Medical Councils as well as the Ministry of Health in the Interim Government and Red Crescent.