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Adult Education and Illiteracy Elimination Programme

The programme has been designed and implemented in response to lack of education programs and facilities given the current situation in Eastern Ghouta, where schools and other education facilities and infrastructure were bombed and destroyed or do not have sufficient support.The programme is a specialized non-formal adult education scheme that has been tailored specifically to target girls and women in Eastern Ghouta in coordination with the Local Education Offices.

The targeted group is illiterate or semi-illiterate girls and women aged 15 and above. The programme emphasizes on the following skills / subjects:

  1. Arabic language classes: reading and writing

  2. Mathematics

Aims and objectives

The aim of the programme is to foster sustainable education training for socially disadvantaged girls and women and empower them in their societies.

  1. Empower learners with functional literacy and life skills

  2. Reduce illiteracy rates

  3. Foster community capacity building and development


The programme is divided into two intensive learning phases including beginners / basic and follow-up / continuous. Course are intensive and last 6 weeks with daily attendance under the supervision of highly qualified teachers in coordination with the local education offices.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The programme is regulated and monitored by Damaan and the local education offices.